Wildflower Newborn Sessions and COVID-19

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April 28, 2020

How do we move forward and keep safe?

To say the world has been turned upside down is an understatement. Like many of you I’ve found myself saying “I can’t believe this is really happening” more than ever. Shutting down my business for 6 weeks has been hard, but keeping safe and abiding by the law is my top priority.

As of May 4th we are allowed to open our studio back up. We must abide by the new policies set forth by the governor’s office. Many of these procedures were already in place sine we work with such vulnerable, tiny subjects anyways. But just to give a good outline of what we are doing for our in-studio sessions, specifically newborn sessions, we have created this page so you can better understand our new policies moving forward.

  1. Studio Cleaned between clients – this is a procedure we already had in place, but will continue going forward.

2. Clients are to take their shoes off upon entering the studio.

3. Extra sanitizing and masks worn

Photographer and assistant will be wearing a mask at all times. Parents are encouraged to wear a mask as well when not in photographs. We will provide disposable masks if you do not have one.

Since newborn skin is very sensative, latex can sometimes cause a reaction. Instead of wearing gloves we will use an alcohol-based sanitizer before touching the baby at all times.

4. No outside Props

At this time we will not allow outside props or items during sessions. With the exception of clothing for portraits and/or diaper bags, no other outside items are allowed in the studio. No ipads, toys, blankets, etc.

5. Immediate family only permitted.

No grandparents, aunts uncles, cousins, friends etc. Additionally, siblings are permitted, however must leave after their portraits are finished. Please arrange for a parent/family member to take the sibling home or out of the studio for the duration of the session.

Additionally, once family/parent shots are complete. Parents are to remain in the lobby while we finish the baby-only portion of your session.

6. All fabrics and materials are washed and/or sanitized after each session.

7. 24 hours between clients

To keep traffic down, we will only be having one session per day. In most cases our sessions will be 2 days apart.

The comfort and safety of our clients is our priority. If you are still uncomfortable with having us photograph your little ones we certainly understand. Please contact us so we can discuss how to move forward. We are happy to refund your session fee, or hold and use it for a milestone session when your baby is older.

Thank you and stay safe!