Interview with Columbus Ohio Newborn Baby Photographer

Interview with Columbus Ohio Newborn Baby Photographer

February 25, 2020

1. What do you feel makes your portrait studio unique?

In my area, I am one of the only newborn and maternity photographers with a commercial studio space. My studio is not in my home, it is an actual place of business. Because of this, and the large space I have, I am able to have many amazing props as well as a full client wardrobe. I have a wardrobe of nearly three dozen maternity gowns, dozens of dresses for girls ages newborn-13, and clothing for boys ages newborn – 6years old. Clients tell me all the time how nice it is to not have to worry about what they need to wear. They like that they don’t have to spend extra money or go shopping!

Also with such a large studio, we are able to have multiple sets out at a time so we can get through a session very quickly. We don’t have to switch out sets because we have the space to have them already set up. Newborn sessions can take up to 3-4 hours at other studios. At our studio, we average 1.5-2 hours per session. Parents are tired and just had a new baby. They don’t want to be in our studio for 3-4 hours!

I am also centrally located. So it is easy to access my studio from anywhere in the city. Additionally, I’ve been in business for 10 years. Not many others in the area can say that as well.

Another service we provide is in-home consultations. We will come to your home, measure your walls, take photos of your walls and mock-up your actual portraits on your walls. Using our software we can switch out frames, change sizes and truly show clients what the artwork will look like on their own walls!

2. What kind of experience can your clients plan on having when they do a photoshoot at Wildflower?

Each portrait session starts with either a phone or in-studio consultation where I find out more about each family and dive into what they really expect for their session. We customize each session to create a truly unique experience for every family. Then on the date of our actual shoot, we provide everything for them. We stock the studio with food, refreshments, coffee, and a comfortable parent seating area. We also have diapers, wipes, a changing table, boppy pillows for nursing moms. Our goal is to make our space and the session as comfortable as possible.

We use our large space and all of our “baby whisperer” techniques to soothe baby if need be, and capture their portraits. Following our session we set up their viewing appointment for 1-2 weeks later where parents come back and view their portraits on our flat screen. Then we help them decide how they would like to display their artwork and what collections or products are best for them.

3. How long does a photoshoot usually last?

A newborn session usually lasts about 2 hours. We tell parents to plan for 3 hours, but we typically are able to capture everything we need and more in 2 hours.

4. What does a client need to bring with them?

They only need to bring their baby and either formula or breastmilk if they are pumping. We provide everything else. We actually had a mom this week who drove in from Dayton (about 1.5 hrs away) and left her diaper bag and her clothes. It was no problem because we have everything she needed at our studio. She used a beautiful dress from our wardrobe and crisis was avoided. When they left we gave them several diapers and formula for the ride home.

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5. What’s your favorite part of a photoshoot?

Ooh, that is so hard to answer because I truly love every step of the portrait experience. From meeting parents, designing each session creatively and then photographing them. My assistant and I joke all the time that photographing babies is my yoga. It’s so calming and just makes my soul happy.

But when it’s all said and done, I think the reveal session where parents come in and view their images for the first time is my favorite. Seeing their reactions is something that truly makes my heart full. So many parents cry and just hug me because they are so happy to see their precious little ones portraits. 

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