Printing your portraits… a lost art

October 18, 2019

If you follow us on social media you’ve probably noticed a lot of posts lately about printing your portraits. As a newborn, maternity, baby and family portrait photographer here in Columbus, Ohio I’ve spent more than a decade photographing hundreds of families.

When I started my business it was easy to provide the digital images. It was easy for me and convenient for my clients. I’d send them their images via email and they would download them. So wonderful, so convenient and so easy to share on social media. While all of that was great and easy I have noticed one reoccuring problem over the years… Hardly anyone is actually printing their images. Not just the portraits we have taken here at Gable Photography, but the hundreds upon hundreds of images taken on their phone or their own cameras etc. Hundreds of images, memories, milestones lost in digital outerspace or even worse, on a disc or usb in a drawer somewhere (the horror!)

Social media and photos

While many are getting shared on social media on a daily basis, so few are getting printed out or hung up on for us to admire. When I was growing up I remember seeing portraits of my family on the walls. We had dozens and dozens of photo albums to page through and giggle at our parents crazy 70s hair-dos and enjoy looking at ourselves as babies. One of my favorite portraits is of my great grandparents wedding. It’s a stunning black and white image that just captures the early 1900s in such a way I will never forget.

My great grandparents’ wedding portrait. I took this image of the portrait at my grandparents home before they moved out. Isn’t is just beautiful?

While social media is so amazing and such a great way to share our photos and lives with people across the globe, I feel it has lead to a huge decline in the need, or desire to print and value portraits the way they have been for so many years.

Poof they’re gone…

Just the other day I had a client who contacted me because her computer died and she lost all of the portraits we had taken of her daughter. Her entire first year GONE! Thankfully I had them backed up on a proofing website (which is not typical) and she was able to recover those images. But what if she had not… All of those memories, milestones and investment… gone forever.

Here is an example of one of our image boxes. These are great because you can take out the images and display them, then put them back in the box for safe keeping. And there is evern a safe place for that USB! These are very poopular with our newborn clients.

So here is my plea to you, my challenge if you will… Print your images! I know this is an overwhelming task. You probably have hundreds, if not thousands of images on your computer, your phone or the “cloud”. Take an hour a week and go through them and pick your favorites and send them to any printer and print some 4x6s to put in albums. Take the USB with those expensive portraits you paid for and plug it into your computer and order some prints. Or get a nice photobook from the hundreds of online companies who print them. Or contact us and we can design a beautiful coffee table album for you. Do something to document your life and your family and the moments you cherish.

I ordered 125 images this weekend for $12 off Amazon and spent the evening putting them in albums with my kids! It took me less than 10 minutes to go through them and order from my phone.

Did you know that Amazon offers a photo and video service called Amazon Photos. I back up all of my personal images here. It syncs to an app on my phone and saves all of those images. I can then go in and print images right from there. I ordered $125 images this weekend for $12 and spent the evening putting them in albums with my kids! Click here for Amazon Photo info.

Afterall, when you’re gone nobody is going to go back to your facebook page (if facebook is still around) and look for your images. But if you have a photo albums or images they will get passed on to your family and will help honor you and your legacy.

We’re here to help

For 2020 we are changing things up a bit at Gable Photography. Our emphasis will still be on creating beautiful artwork for your family, but we will also be spending more time with you, getting to know what you want to do with these images. And if you don’t know, we are going to help you figure that out – help you f ind where you want to put them, how you want to preserve them and how to keep them safe. We are so excited to offer our services and help get these lost memories back out on the walls or on physical pages instead of social media ones…

Not sure what sizes to get or if the frames will match your home. We can mock up frame sizes to give you an idea of what your wall art will look like. We can change the frame colors, sizes, add matting and even use an image of your actual room!