Meet Popcorn the kitten

November 7, 2018

For years both of my girls have been begging us for a cat. They both have been drawn to cats like crazy. Aubrey’s lovie is a cat named “meow meow” and Hayden wears cat ears to school daily. Nearly all of their clothing features cats. My husband and I have put them off and given every excuse not to get one we could think of. I have never owned a cat and always thought of myself as more of a dog person. Three years ago we put down our second dog and we still aren’t quite ready for another. Well last week a dear friend of ours passed away. He was an amazing man and left this Earth way too early. After attending his funeral we both were home talking about him, our children and how precious life is. Shortly after I saw a friend’s facebook post looking for a home for an adorable kitten that was found on the side of the road. That was it, I knew that kitten belonged to our family. Within hours I was driving home to surprise our sweet girls with the sweetest little feline. The looks on their faces when they saw her will forever be imprinted in my mind.

Today the girls were off school for the election. They wanted to get pictures with the new baby so off we went to the studio. This little angel was so good. She is still very young and tiny at 6 weeks and only 1lb 7oz. She sleeps most of the day still, so we swaddled her up, pet her sweet head and minutes later she was out. We got some precious images and I hope the girls will cherish these photos when they’re older. I know I will.

Life is too short ya’ll. Buy the shoes, take the vacation and… get the kitten!