A Girl and the Giraffe Creative Composite – Columbus Ohio children’s photographer

March 21, 2017

So one of my goals for each year is to learn something new in my trade. This year my goal is to create “creative composites.” Many times you can purchase digital backgrounds and add a person etc to the image. But my goal is to generate a completely new image entirely using my own images as well as parts of other images. It’s not been easy, but I really like the challenge. Here is my first attempt.

I started with the idea of the giraffe and my daughter. Once I found the image of the giraffe I knew I could photograph my daughter so she would be laying on him. So placed her in front of my living room window on a giant pink bear my mother in law gave her for Christmas. I then cut her out of that image and placed her on the giraffe.

Then I had to find the perfect scene to place them on. I wanted it to look like they were in a safari, but dreamy and magical. So I found stock image of a wheat field and combined that with a cloud overlay image to achieve what I was going for. And after a lot of hand editing, blending and playing with the color this is what I ended up with.

I’ve spent hours on this one piece and while I’m sure it still could use some work, I’m pleased with out it came out. And my daughter is pretty excited about it too. Below you can see all the parts I used to create this image… Stay tuned for my next piece!